Development Strategies

We will select the best path forward for each of therapy methods and proceed with development. Some examples are introduced below.
We pursue parallel initiatives which include university collaboration, doctor initiated clinical trials, intellectual property patenting and collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of intensive development and progress.




Field of Research

Mitochondria are organelle that contribute to the production of ATP. However, we focus on the function of mitochondrial metabolic function and biological signal control.
We believe that immune disorders and metabolic abnormalities are an important focus area for our research.






We are advancing seven pipelines: Regenerative therapy, Small molecule, ROS control, and related disease bio-markers.




Research Network

We do not own a laboratory. We conduct research through initiatives with university laboratories, CROs, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies etc.
We will advance international researchable patent acquisition.

(as of June 2018)